Cloyses Partners LLC was founded on the premise that most companies encounter, at one time or another, defining moments in their corporate life: a fork in the road when one or more interested parties realize that the fundamentals of the business model are broken or need another look. This realization can represent an urgent imperative or merely the sense that things could be better. A defining moment is a unique opportunity to leverage a special situation, to build and restore shareholder value, or to fine tune your day to day operations.

We are first and foremost experienced business managers who have sat in the “corner office”. We have served as company, bank and Board advisors, CEO, CFO or as a Chief Restructuring Officer in numerous industries.

In summary, our philosophy represents:

• the focus, intensity and sense of urgency required in rapidly changing, ambiguous situations;
• the creativity, optimism and opportunism of entrepreneurs;
• the focus on profitability, accountability and return on capital of investors



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