Operational and Financial Ambiguity Leads to Problems

  • A company that faces working capital challenges month after month will likely hit a major “bump in the road”.
  • Direct and immediate concerted action by experienced advisors and management is is crucial.
  • Today’s business environment is characterized by surprises, ambiguity and incomplete information. Experienced leaders need a team to navigate these difficult waters.
  • We are retained to drive the revitalization of companies both as advisors to the Board of Directors, as an interim CEO, COO, CRO or CFO to stand shoulder to shoulder with management.
  • We bring a balanced sense of urgency to each situation; typically, significant and positive changes will occur shortly after our engagement begins.

Action Assessments

Our operational, hands-on experience adds a fresh dimension to the evaluation process. We outline the current situation of the company, isolate the key success factors and design a collaborative plan of action. This allows for alignment of goals, the setting of specific performance targets and a roadmap for implementation. Along with financial audits we play a critical role in assessing the picture of a company’s financial position thus providing investors, lenders and other stakeholders a full picture of a company’s health.

Interim Management and Advisory Services

Implementation and Execution of the Performance Goals and/or a Liquidity Event

Depending on the requirements of the stakeholders, we implement action plans with a balanced sense of urgency based on years of senior management experience as leaders who know how to work with boards, lenders and management . We usually commence an implementation plan with:

  • Agreement as to the members of the company (management, board members, etc.) who will work with us to assume accountability for the agreed upon objectives
  • Written agreement as to the process and deliverables for the assignment
  • Timing